12 Gauge Shotgun
Shotgun dd
Ammunition Type


The 12 Gauge Shotgun is a weapon in Serious Sam: Double D.


The 12 Gauge Shotgun fires a tight spread of bullets when the fire key is pressed. Each pellet does a decent amount of damage, but if most of the pellets connect, it can deal a high amount of damage per shot. The gun must be pumped between each shot, making its rate of fire lower than other weapons.


  • The Shotgun's tight spread and high amount of damage if most of the pellets connect makes it very useful for any situation, even strong enemies or bosses.
  • Because of how handy the Shotgun is, it works well in just about any combination. For example, combining it with a rapid-fire weapon like the Tommy Gun or XL4 Lasergun allows the player to hit a target with a shotgun, then continue hammering it with the rapid fire weapon while the shotgun is pumped. Combining multiple Shotguns with multiple rapid-fire weapons can quickly destroy even the strongest enemies.
  • When paired with short-range weapons, like the Chainsaw and the Flamethrower, the Shotgun will make quick work of enemies at close quarters. Having a stack built around this idea is always handy for certain close-quarters levels, such as Pyramid Looting.
  • Shotgun ammo is common enough that it can be used frequently.

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