The Albino Cyclops is an enemy in Serious Sam 2.


Albino Cyclops are actually modified giant worms from the planet Magnor. Mental added arms and legs to them, but their body retracted soon after the body parts were added, making them look very large.

Albinos fire homing-orb-shaped projectiles. These projectiles can either be avoided or will burn out after travelling a certain distance.


  • The best tactics against Albinos is to stay far away from them. Their projectiles cannot reach far, which makes them harmless at long range. However, Albinos will try to get closer to the player, so they should try to take out the Albino and keep a good distance between it and them by running away.
  • The Albino's large size makes it easy to hit with the Rocket Launcher or MK 4 Grenade Launcher. A quick volley of either rockets or grenades can quickly mow down the Albino, allowing the player to focus on other enemies.
  • The SBC Cannon is also useful against the Albino. A charged-up cannonball can eliminate an Albino in one hit, which can be useful if the player needs to eliminate multiple Albinos or quickly take out an Albino.

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