Alley of the Sphinxes is the tenth level in Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam HD.


After obtaining the relic from the Temple of Ptah, Sam was walking in the desert for many days, and was forced to drop most of his ammo to make walking easier. He is now approaching Karnak. To enter it, he must place the four elements onto four altars, which will cause an ancient guardian that brings death (Large Lava Golem) to appear.


To the far left, from the starting area, you'll see there is a small oasis. Pick up the items there to spawn some enemies and register the secret.

Enemy countEdit

enemiesNormal single player
Beheaded Rocketeers23
Beheaded Firecrackers1
Beheaded Kamikazes30
Male Gnaars2
Female Gnaars42
Lava Golems13
Kleer Skeletons60
Sirian Werebulls19
Adult Arachnoids1
Common Aludran Reptiloids4
Minor Bio-mechanoids10
Major Bio-mechanoids10


  • In Serious Sam 1, this map is either set in the evening or afternoon, depending on difficulty played. In Serious Sam HD, it's set at night.
  • The big Lava Golem boss spawns in the end of Metropolis instead of in the end of this level in Serious Sam Xbox.
  • In Serious Sam 1, if you walked about 5 minutes' worth distance back the way your character "came from" when the map starts, you could find a tower behind a sand mound in the desert.