The Aludran Reptiloid is an enemy that appears in the Jewel of the Nile DLC.


The Aludran Reptiloid is a large, reptilian-like creature with four arms and dark green scales. It is often found on perches above an arena, where it can fire green acid balls that home in on targets in relative peace.

It has two attacks. Its primary method of attacking is to shoot homing green balls at a target. These balls are fairly accurate, but can be avoided. In addition, the balls can be destroyed with a single shot from any weapon. If a player is near the Reptiloid, it will try and stomp the player with one of its feet.

NETRICSA DescriptionEdit

"This primitive race from the Aludran system in the constellation of Canis Major has agreed to fight for Mental in exchange for the spell-casting powers he gave them. Originating from a strange hexapodal branch of reptiles, this race has evolved to have four arms. The reptilian origins provided them with protective scales which come very useful in a firefight. They cast magical homing fireballs from their hands, but note that you can shoot those down mid-air."


Alduran Reptiloids usually appear one to few at a time and usually with other enemies. Most of them are located in high places such as rooftops and ledges and are stationary.


  • The RAPTOR Sniper Rifle is an excellent weapon to use against a Reptiloid, as it has a fairly high rate of fire and does a lot of damage against it per hit. Three or so shots should be enough to kill it.
  • Reptiloids are slow and even usually stationary when located in elevated places. Thus a rocket launcher is a viable alternative for killing them. Note that reptiloid's projectiles can destroy rockets so more than 3 may be needed.
  • The M29 Infantry Assault Rifle and XL2 Lasergun also work well against the Reptiloid. They not only can do a good amount of damage to a Reptiloid quickly, they can also destroy the Reptiloid's projectiles right or soon after they're tossed by a Reptiloid.
  • A Reptiloid's projectiles can be dodged by simply strafing left or right.
  • If a Reptiloid projectile is dodged, it will often try and hit the player again. It's best to turn around and destroy it as soon as it's avoided, or else the player may be in for a nasty surprise a few seconds later.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Reptiloid should be one of the first enemies killed. It's easy to lose track of its projectiles in a heated firefight, which can lead to deadly consequences later on. It's best to eliminate a Reptiloid ASAP so that the player no longer needs to keep track of the green balls it's shooting while dealing with other things.
  • When a situation requires to use rapid-fire weapons, Reptiloids should be medium-priority targets as rapid fire weapons can shoot down projectiles with ease.

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