The Aludran Reptiloid is an enemy in Serious Sam Advance.


The Aludran Reptiloid is a large, four-armed green lizard-like creature that walks on two legs. It quickly fires acid projectiles at a target. Reptiloids always appear on ledges, making it harder to hit them and lets them ambush unaware targets.


  • The Aludran Reptiloid's projectiles can be avoided by strafing either left or right in one direction.
  • The Time Strike is very effective against Aludran Reptiloids, as it will always hit them, and it takes only two strikes from it to kill the Reptiloid.
  • The Rocket Launcher is not very effective against the Aludran Reptiloid because rockets will explode if they hit a projectile fired by the Reptiloid. Since the Reptiloid has a fairly fast rate of fire, this means most of the rockets fired at a Reptiloid will just explode before they hit it.
  • Multiple Aludran Reptiloids should be dealt with by using rapid-fire weapons, such as the Thompson Sub Machine Gun or the Minigun. The rapid-fire weapons are powerful enough that can they can quickly kill each one if the player focuses on them one at a time. The Minigun is better for dealing with Reptiloid groups than the Thompson because of its higher rate of fire, but the Thompson works just as well in a pinch.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Aludran Reptiloid is a high-priority threat. Its projectiles are powerful, and it is placed so that it can easily hit the player while the player is distracted by other enemies. The player should eliminate it as soon as they get a chance to target it.