The Atlantean is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Atlantean is a fish-like enemy with a plasma gun and two tentacles coming from its back. They were originally the inhabitants of the lost city Atlantis, but when Mental invaded Atlantis, they were captured and brainwashed into being his loyal servants.

The Atlantean has two attacks; either fire a large stream of plasma balls or use their tentacles if the target is very close to them. The orbs do a little damage per shot, while the melee attack does

Atlantean come in two variants: normal and depthlurker. Depthlurker version only appear in bonus level "The geothermal tunnels"


  • The Atlantean should be the player's primary target if there are no enemies such as the Sirian Werebull or the Killermari Rider. Their orbs often hit the charging enemy (or enemies) if they're both going towards the same angle.
  • Dodging the Atlantean's plasma balls can be tricky, especially if there's little room to dodge. If this is the case, then the player should eliminate them first before they can inflict a large amount of damage with their orbs.
  • The Sirian Power Gun works well against Atlanteans, no matter how many there are. The large amount of damage it can quickly do can neutralize an Atlantean before it spams plasma orbs everywhere.
  • The XM4000 Minigun works almost as well as the Power Gun if the player is out of Power Gun ammo. It will take slightly longer to kill long-range Atlanteans because a few bullets will miss, but otherwise it is just as effective as the Power Gun.

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