"Shit! Space monkey!"

The Aurigan Cave Demon ("Space Monkey" by Sam) is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam 3: BFE.


The Aurigan Cave Demon is a nocturnal predator from the bowels of Beta Aurigae in the Sirius Supercluster. They are regarded as dangerous, bloodthirsty predators which lurk on columns or walls, waiting for their prey to come close. Once they do, they will leap towards them and attack with their sharp claws.

The Cave Demon does not charge at the player like most enemies do, but instead lurks on columns, waiting for its opportunity to leap towards the player and attack. If there are no columns around, then they will instead latch onto walls or jump onto the roof of buildings. They can leap great distances as well.

NETRICSA descriptionEdit

"These primarily nocturnal predators originate from dark and cold caves in the bowels of Beta Aurigae in the Sirius Supercluster and are known to be bloodthirsty and dangerous. Their sharp claws enable them to cling to walls and ceilings, and wait in ambush until unsuspecting prey is near. Using their strong hind legs, they jump down on the victim from far away. Refraining from open fights, if the victim fights back, they will quickly jump back away and hide in the dark. When they lurk hidden in the dark, only their glowing eyes give away their presence. Strike them quickly when they attack, before they jump away and hide again."


  • Aurigan Cave Demons usually don't appear with other enemies. When they do, they are low-priority targets. Trying to chase after them leaves you vulnerable to more dangerous and aggressive enemies.
  • The Sirian Mutilator is a great weapon against individual or small groups of Demons. Wait for them to leap out at you, then immediately strafe left or right and use the Mutilator on the Demon. The beam will stun it for as long as it has been lassoed by the beam. It can be an effective way of quickly dispatching Cave Demons without having to waste ammo when attempting to shoot them.
  • Cave Demons are commonly spawned in rooms with lots of pillars or columns, sometimes in small to medium groups.
  • When a Cave Demon jumps at you, shoot it quickly before it gets the chance to hide away.
  • Due to their low health, they can be dispatched easily with the M29 Infantry Assault Rifle or 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun; their health is low enough to be taken out at close to medium range with the shotgun, so as long as most pellets connect.
  • The SOP38 Pistol can be used to take out individual Cave Demons that are clinging onto walls, though because it takes many shots to kill one, this makes the gun ineffective for groups.
  • Using C-4 to kill multiple Cave Demons that are hiding behind columns can be a bit of a gamble, as they may leap to another column or onto a wall just as soon as the C-4 explodes.
  • Their loud shrieks are a good indicator when they are about to leap at you. An experienced player can kill the Demon in mid-air or avoid it by strafing or moving backwards.

Related achievementsEdit

Clay pigeons Clay Pigeons
Kill 5 Cave Demons while they're in air.


  • Occasionally, the Cave Demon's AI may cause it to glitch as it attempts to leap onto a pillar or wall.


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