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The Axe is a weapon in the Jewel of the Nile DLC.


The Axe is a simple cutting axe with a dark grey head, and a wooden handle. It serves as a direct replacement of the Sledgehammer from Serious Sam 3: BFE. It is functionally identical to its predecessor and despite being a bladed weapon, it's not any more powerful. The Axe can be simply described as a sledgehammer in axe shell.

NETRICSA informationEdit

"An ordinary chopping axe. Used as a tool or as a silent weapon. Grip here. Slash flesh here. Preferably not yours."


  • Use the Axe exactly like the Sledgehammer would be used; briefly, place your hits carefully and a single strike should instantly kill anything up to a Kleer Skeleton (in terms of health).
  • Since the weapon retains all three firing modes of a sledgehammer, certain attacks can be extremely useful in various situations, e.g. a full turn swing should be used when the player is cornered or surrounded by horde of weaker enemies.
  • Axe can also be used while sprinting, which makes it a fairly nimble melee weapon.

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