Beast Hunt is a multiplayer mode in Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam 3: BFE.


Beast Hunt is a competitive version of standard co-op gameplay. In this mode, the players go through the single player campaign as normal, but each player has their own score that they get from killing enemies. The goal is to get as many points as possible before the end of the level. The one that has the most amount of points when the level ends is declared the winner. There is a few second delay when the player is killed in order to make death mean something.

Unlike normal co-op, this game mode allows players to kill other players via the “License to Kill” system. Every time the player obtains 10,000 points, they obtain a License to Kill. This let's them kill another player for 1,000 points, but most importantly, stops the victim from running around and killing enemies for a few seconds. This lets the killer get a chance to get more points. However, whenever a rival is killed, a License to Kill is used. When the player runs out of Licenses to Kill, they can no longer kill rivals until they obtain another one.


  • Conserve Licenses to Kill for players that are either ahead of the player or are close to the player in points. By killing rivals that are further along the level than the player, they can go in and kill the enemies that the rival would've killed, giving them more points.
  • Using a License to Kill on rivals that have a close amount of points to the player will help the player get ahead in points.
  • Remember that, if a License to Kill is used on a rival, then they may be more eager to use their own License to Kill on the player than killed them as “revenge”. Be careful.