The Beheaded Commando is an enemy from Serious Sam Classics: Revolution. Its so hard to get his information but here is a video with it

The Beheaded Commando appears to function similarly to the Beheaded Firecracker and the Beheaded Bomber, and acts like the Beheaded Kamikaze once its health is lowered. In its first stage, the Beheaded Commando will fire projectiles in the same manner as the Firecracker, and will also throw bombs at the player, which is similar to the bombs thrown from the Bomber, but instead come in groups of five, spaced out in a similar fashion as the Firecracker's projectiles. Once the Commando's health is lowered to a certain level, it will run at the player as a last-ditch effort, exploding if it gets within the correct proximity, an attack which resembles that of the Beheaded Kamikaze.

The Beheaded Commando appears as a headless man with no shirt and khakis. He holds his severed head in his left hand, which is responsible for the Firecracker projectiles, and holds the bombs in his right hand.