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For the Beheaded Firecracker in other games, see Beheaded Firecracker.

The Beheaded Firecracker is an enemy in Serious Sam: Double D.


The Beheaded Firecracker is a headless man wearing a red shirt. He is holding a gun with his right hand, and a head with his left.

The Firecracker fires three projectiles at once from his gun. These projectiles will bounce off of walls a few times if they do not hit the target, then disappear. Each projectile does a lot amount of damage per hit.


  • The Firecracker has very low health, so nearly any gun or guncombo works on him. Even the Type II Machine Pistol can kill him in a few shots.
  • He is a low threat when paired with other enemies. His projectiles can easily be dodged, but if the player has a moment, they should briefly target the Firecracker with weapons like the Thompson or the LM32 Rocket Launcher. A shot or two from those weapons should easily clear out any Firecrackers mixed with other enemies.

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