For the Beheaded Firecracker in other games, see Beheaded Firecracker.

The Beheaded Firecracker is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Beheaded Firecracker appears as a headless, purple t-shirt-wearing man holding a gun. He is made from an executed Sirian soldier raised from the dead with a “Life Control Unit” and are equipped with a claw-like magic missile launcher on their right hand.

The Firecracker fires a spread of five magical missiles that does minimal damage on their own and spread the further the go. They have very low health and can be easily killed with any weapon in the game. They are essentially cannon-fodder, even at high difficulty levels.


  • The NE Firecracker is a bit deadlier than his Serious Sam 1 counterpart. His magic missiles do not touch the ground and stay clustered much further than in SS1. If all of the magic missiles connect, the player will suffer quite a bit of damage.
  • The dual Shofield Desert Hawk's works just as well as is does on the Beheaded Rocketeer. However, their increased deadliness makes it a bit dangerous to take on large groups of Firecrackers with the Desert Hawk.
  • Because of how dangerous the Firecracker can be, the Shofield Uzi Pistol works best to kill them quickly before they can do too much damage.

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