For the Beheaded Firecracker in other games, see Beheaded Firecracker.

The Beheaded Firecracker is an enemy in Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Serious Sam: the Second Encounter and Serious Sam HD.


The Beheaded Firecracker appears as a headless man suited in a red T-shirt. It carries an claw-like gun in its right hand, and its severed head in the left.

The Firecracker is an executed Sirian soldier, raised from the dead by Mental, and controlled with a "Life Control Unit" (LCU). A Firecracker is equipped with a strange claw-gun in one hand, and holds its head on the other, which is used to obtain visual and sound data. In Serious Sam HD, the gun is replaced with a chainsaw for melee combat, and the head is used as a firearm.


In The First Encounter, Beheaded Firecrackers are uncommon, rarely appearing in most levels. This general occlusion is boosted in The Second Encounter, often replaced by Zorg Mercenaries. Firecrackers are usually found accompanying Beheaded Rocketeers, occasionally spawning on elevated places such higher floors or low pillars. They first appear in Sierra de Chiapas.


The Firecracker will shoot a spread of five magic missiles from its weapon, that will spread along the floor/ground in a diagonal fashion (the center projectile shooting straight). These missiles can slide along walls and other tall obstacles if they connect at a low angle. These projectiles are relatively easy to evade if the player pays enough attention to its attacks. Depending on their grounded location, they are considered cannon fodder in comparison to Rocketeers.

In Serious Sam HD, the Firecracker will swing its chainsaw if the player approaches too close.

Firecrackers are immune to attacks of other Firecrackers.


  • The missiles fired by the Firecracker can easily be avoided by jumping over them.
  • Both alone or in groups, Firecrackers can be simple targets in comparison to Rocketeers.
  • In Serious Sam HD, attempting a melee attack on a Firecracker can be a lethal gamble, as the chainsaw inflicts five times more damage than a single magic missile.
  • With other enemies attacking, the Firecracker may be a potential threat if the player's health is low. If it all possible, it should be shot down from its perch or the ground to avoid being finished off without warning.
  • Firecrackers on elevated areas are more of a nuisance, as the projectiles travel downwards in an angled-dipping fashion.


  • In Test 1, the Firecracker was initially equipped with a chainsaw with its right hand and its head with the left, which was meant to fire the spread-missiles. In the final version of Serious Sam 1, the chainsaw has been replaced with a claw-like gun that fires the missiles, that resembles one used by Ugh-Zan III (only, that version shoots electrical discharges). However, the in-game description still refers to the Firecracker firing projectiles from the head. While the Chainsaw-wielding design can be seen in Test 1, it is virtually useless, only serving for decorative purposes. In Serious Sam HD, the original version had returned, sporting a brand-new chainsaw.
  • In Test 1s files, a beta model of the Firecracker was recovered, which reveals an interesting former appearance: the red t-shirt was once a jersey with a strange pattern embedded, the military-fashion pants were matching-red shorts, a pike protruded from its neck, the head was red and inhuman, and the chainsaw had a futuristic-industrial texture.
    • The Beheaded Bomber had a very similar design in the alpha version as well, the similarities being the head, the pike, and the chainsaw.
  • The chainsaw the Firecracker uses in Serious Sam HD is based off of Cucurbito the Pumpkin's chainsaw from Serious Sam: Xbox.




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