For the Beheaded Rocketeer in other games, see Beheaded Rocketeer.

The Beheaded Rocketeer is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Beheaded Rocketeer appears as a headless, red t-shirt-wearing man holding a gun. He is made from an executed Sirian soldier raised from the dead with a “Life Control Unit” and are equipped with a magic missile launcher on their right hand.

The Rocketeer fires a magical missile that does minimal damage and takes time to get to its target, making them easy to dodge. They have very low health and can be easily killed with any weapon in the game. They are essentially cannon-fodder, even at high difficulty levels.


  • The dual Shofield Desert Hawk's large magazine, quick rate of fire and good accuracy make it the ideal for taking on Rocketeers, no matter how how many there are.
  • If Rocketeers needs to be dispatched in a hurry, the Shofield Uzi Pistol can reduce even the largest group of Rocketeers to nothing in a second or two.


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