For the Beheaded Rocketeer in other games, see Beheaded Rocketeer.

The Beheaded Rocketeer is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam 3: BFE.


The Beheaded Rocketeer is an executed Sirian soldier raised from the dead using Mental's cyber zombie technology. In place of his head is a one-eyed machine named the LCU (Life Control Unit), giving him vision and a vocal synthesizer. He's appearance is that he wears a purple T-shirt and armed with a cheap and low power magic missile launcher equipped with a Techno-Magical Ammo replenisher, which gives him unlimited ammo.

NETRISCA informationEdit

"An executed Sirian soldier, raised from the dead using Mental's cyber-zombie technology. Life Control Unit (LCU) is an electronic device replacing the functionality of the removed upper part of the central nervous system. Includes crude memory modules and a vocal synthesizer. Rocketeers use cheap low-power hand-held magic missile launchers. Those are not very effective, but have built-in techno-magical ammunition replenishers (TMAR)."


Compared to Serious Sam 1, Rocketeers are much more common, appearing from the start of the game to the final level, often in large numbers. They mainly serve a role of lightweight frontline troops.


He is armed with a weak single shot pistol that fires a slow projectile. It must be reloaded after every shot. If a target is next to him, he will attempt to kick the target.


  • His projectiles are very easy to avoid, as they are slow. Simply strafing in one direction makes it impossible for them to hit the player.
  • Rocketeers are extremely common, but due to their extremely low durability, relatively low damage and easy-to-dodge projectiles, they should always be the bottom priority targets.

Enemy countEdit

EnemiesTourist, Easy and Normal Single PlayerHard and Mental single playerSerious Difficulty single playerTourist, Easy and Normal Co-opHard and Mental Co-OpSerious Co-Op
Serious Sam 3: BFE159616021602159616021602

Related AchievementsEdit

Name and Icon Description Notes
Cardiac Surgeon

Cardiac surgeon

Rip out 10 Rocketeer hearts. -
Useful Trophy

Useful trophy

Kill an enemy with a gib torn from another enemy. The trophy can be either a Gnaar eye, Rocketeer heart, Kleer head or Scrapjack's face. A torn gib deals 15 damage when launched, so, it is best used on a rocketeer after shooting them with the Pistol.
Kung-fu Fighter

Kung-fu fighter

Perform all possible finishing moves in the game. Rip a Gnaar's eye out, a Rocketeer's heart out, a Kleer's head off, a Scrapjack's face off, a Juvenile Spider's head off and squash a Hatchling Spider and break a Soldier's neck.
Christmas in Cairo

Christmas in cairo

"Decorate" the Christmas tree in Summer in Cairo, or purchase Serious Sam 3: BFE while it's under Christmas sale. You can "decorate" it by ripping a Gnaar's eye out and throwing it on the tree. It will be stuck there. This procedure can be repeated with a Rocketeer's heart and a Kleer's head. To be "decorated", the tree needs at least one Gnaar eye, one Rocketeer heart and one Kleer head.


  • Unlike previous games, Rocketeers actually appear to reload their pistols after each shot, explaining the firing delay.
  • This Rocketeer version does not carry a head unlike the previous games.
  • The gun that the Rocketeer uses looks very similar to the ones used by the Zorg Commanders from Serious Sam HD.
  • The Rocketeer has a melee attack like the Rocketeer in Serious Sam HD. Getting too close the Rocketeer will cause him to kick at the player, knocking them back and dealing 10 points of damage. Unlike in HD where he uses his circular saw mounted on his neck that deals a small amount of knockback and dealing 20 points of damage.


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