The Big Spider is a gigantic cyborg spider, and are considered to be larger counterparts of the Spider. It has two attacks; fire a projectile and bite the player. The Big Spider's projectile is programmed to intercept the player if the player is strafing a certain direction.


  • As with the regular Spiders, the player should strafe in a certain direction, then change direction as soon as they see the Big Spider start its firing animation. This lets the player avoid the Big Spider's projectile and avoid the splash damage from the projectile hitting the ground.
  • If the Big Spider spawns with regular Spiders, the player should eliminate the regular ones first, then go after the big one. The small ones can significantly harm the player while the player is trying to avoid the Big Spider's projectiles.
  • The most effective weapon against Big Spiders is the SBC Cannon. Charged up shots can inflict a very large amount of damage on it.
  • If the player doesn't have a cannon, the Klawdovic is also effective against the Big Spider. A small volley of Klawdovics can usually kill a Big Spider.
  • If the player lacks the other weapons, the rocket launcher can work, but it will take a while because of how little damage rockets do to the Big Spider.
  • Groups of Big Spiders should be taken out with the Serious Bomb. They player should make sure that all Spiders have spawned in before using the bomb, or else they'll have to clean up the one or two that didn't appear before the blast went off.
  • If the player lacks a Serious Bomb, they should either use the cannon or hop into a nearby vehicle, if there is one.

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