The Serious Same Beta Recovery Project is a remake of Serious Sam The First Encounter Beta wich is leaded by Thekazuya0.60 also known as Thekazuya005.In that project the scrapped files,like textures,models,sounds etc... are recoveryed.For yet there are all weapons,sounds,enemies,text files remaken,and the remake project has plenty of bugs like some weapons,monsters,player model.In the recovery project there is planned to remake all the levels wich were known from the beta,soon the demo is realised where you can play though the entire "big Karnak" map,and try out all scrapped weapons,sistems etc.

The project practiculary began in 7.07.2012.


Only 4 pictures from the project had been realised for yer,showing off the netrisha look of the scrapped weapons from Serious Sam: The First Encounter like the Ghost Buster, Pipebomb, Flamethrower and the Lava Rocks Gun.

in this week there is an trailer (gameplay) video announced.

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