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Boneyard is the twenty-second level of Serious Sam 2.


Serious Sam enters the Boneyard, which is very close to Count Kleerofski's tower. As usual, many enemies appear, which he takes out. He then travels through a Kleer skeleton-infested canyon to get to an area bordering a large river of lava. He fights through the area, and eventually finds a rock platform that lets him cross the lava river and get to Kleerofski's tower.

After jumping across some rock platforms and grabbing an SBC Cannon, Sam reaches the base of Count Kleerofski's tower, where several T-Mech's and HellChicks are waiting for him. Sam uses his powerful arsenal to clear them out, then wipes out the reinforcements that appear. After every enemy is dead, Sam enters the tower to fight Count Kleerofski.


  1. In the first area, follow the left wall until you see a door frame made out of rock with a boulder in the middle of it. Blow up the boulder with a rocket, and you will register a secret. Inside the area are two rocket and bullet pickups, a Treasure Chest and Super Armor. After picking up the super armor, a red ScorpSoldier will spawn behind you.
  2. As soon as you enter the area with the lava river on the right side, look to your right, and you'll find a rock wall. Follow it until you see an “S” made out of rocks. Destroy each of the rocks with the XPML30 Rocket Launcher, and many Small Healths will spawn from where the rocks were and register a secret.