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This article contains spoilers. It might spoil your gaming experience when first playing these games.

Branchester is the eleventh level of Serious Sam 2.


Serious Sam enters the Zixie's home in order to discuss where to get the Medallion part with the Zixie Chief. Soon after Serious Sam enters the Zixie's home, Mental begins attacking it.

The Chief tells Sam to meet him in the ritual part of the Zixie's town, which will help Sam reach the next Medallion piece. Sam then starts to fight through Mental's forces, both getting closer to his objective and saving the Zixies. Eventually, Sam reaches a lift that will send him to Woodstock, the industrial part of the Zixes' home.


  1. As soon as the level starts, look behind you. You'll see a bridge leading to a tree trunk. Follow the bridge and go behind the trunk. You'll find an opening that leads to a jumping puzzle with an Extra Life at the end of it. Note that, in order for the secret to register, all you have to do is enter the tree trunk.
  2. After jumping on a trampoline, you'll be in an arena with a tree trunk to the right. Go to the right side of the trunk and you'll find a switch. Press it, and a platform will lower on the other side. Get on it and press the switch on the platform. You'll be taken to a platform high above the area that has a Treasure Chest on it. Grab the chest, and the secret will register.
  3. Right after the area that had secret 2, you'll find an area that has logs floating in water. Get through the area without touching the water an a Serious Bomb will spawn. Approaching the Bomb will register the secret.
  4. Go through the Uzi area and the area with the mini Beheaded Kamikaze rush after it. You'll be in a large area where the goal is to press two switches scattered throughout the area. Instead of doing that, look for a tree on the right side of where you enter the area. Walk over to its right side and you'll find a door frame outline. Shoot the wood that's covered by the frame, and you'll enter a secret area that has a jumping puzzle that leads to a Treasure Bag and Large Armor. Note that all you need to do to register the secret is enter the area; you do not need to grab the items.