Bullets 1
Amount per unit

50 (SS1, SSHD), 100 (SS2, SS:NE Tourist, Easy and Serious SS1 and HD), 125 (SSDD)

used by:

M1A2 Thompson, XM-214-A Minigun, Uzi, Shofield Uzi Pistols, Thompson Submachine Gun

Bullets are a type of ammunition in Serious Sam 1, Serious Sam HD Serious Sam 2, Serious Sam: Next Encounter and Serious Sam: Double D.


In every game that it has appeared in so far, Bullets appear as a green box filled with rifle cartridges. They serve as ammo for all bullet-firing automatic weapons in the Serious Sam games, such as the Minigun.

The amount of ammo in each box of Bullets depends on the game and (in some cases) the difficulty level. In Serious Sam 1, HD and Next Encounter, each box gives out 50 Bullets (100 in Tourist, Easy and Serious difficulties in SS1 and HD), while in Serious Sam 2, it gives the player 100 Bullets per box.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Serious Sam 1 Bullets box has a different texture and lacks the divider between Bullets in Test 1.




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