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The CDF-ST-005 Plasmathrower is a weapon in Seriously Warped Deathmatch and Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

CDF-ST-005 Plasmathrower
Ammunition Type

X4 Plasma Cells


  • Weapon: CDF-ST-005 Plasmathrower
  • Ammo: X4 Plasma Cells
  • RoF: 80 shot/min with regular fire mode
  • Weight: 20 lbs


Straight from the technologically advanced Human Colonies, the Colonial Defense Force Standard 005 Plasmathrower (created by LanThief Plasmatics Corporation - 'When it absolutely has to be deadly!') was a friend to many colonial soldiers during the beginning of the war with Mental. It's really a shame that the technology to reproduce these got lost with the Colonies.

Fueled by plasma cells, this weapon can fire deadly plasma shots either one-by-one or using a special secondary fire mode, which can shoot multiple projectiles similar to a shotgun, making sure that anyone who gets in the way might not be solid for too long.


  • While it's decent against everything, it's best against single large foes
  • The plasma shots explode on impact, so do not fire near close obstacles

Trivia Edit

The name "LanThief" comes from a name of one of the creators of Seriously Warped Deathmatch, Christopher Kreager

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