The CDF-ST-005 Plasmathrower is an energy weapon that appears in Seriously Warped Deathmatch and Serious Sam Classics: Revolution.

NETRISCA information Edit

  • Weapon: CDF-ST-005 Plasmathrower
  • Ammo: X4 Plasma Cells
  • RoF: 80 shot/min with regular fire mode
  • Weight: 20 lbs


Straight from the technologically advanced human colonies, the Colonial Defense Force Standard 005 Plasmathrower (created by LanThief Plasmatics Corporation - 'When it absolutely has to be deadly!') was a friend to many colonial soldiers during the beginning of the war with Mental. It's really a shame that the technology to reproduce these got lost with the colonies.

Fueled by plasma cells, this weapon can fire deadly plasma shots either one-by-one or using a special secondary fire mode, which can shoot multiple projectiles similar to a shotgun, making sure that anyone who gets in the way might not be solid for too long.


  • While it's decent against everything, it's best against single large foes
  • The plasma shots explode on impact, so do not fire near close obstacles


  • This weapon shares many similarities with its cousin, the XL2 Lasergun;
    • Both weapons fire lasers in an alternating pattern, with the Plasmathrower's being one from the left barrel, one from the right, then one from a third on top of the weapon.
    • Both fire linear projectiles that move around the same speed and appear to be lasers, with the Lasergun's being green and the Plasmathrower's being red, as well as said projectiles being perfectly accurate.
  • As NETRISCA points out, the lasers from the Plasmathrower differ from the Lasergun's in that they explode on contact with an enemy. This can be used to deal with groups of small enemies in a much more ammo-efficient way than the Lasergun.
    • As a trade-off, this weapon fires slower than the Lasergun, so better precision is required not to miss and waste ammo.
  • If all eight shots from the alternate fire hit an enemy, this weapon does the most single-target damage of any weapon in Sam's arsenal bar the SBC Cannon and Serious Bomb. Use this to your advantage to quickly kill Highlanders and Major Bio-mechanoids.
  • Unlike the primary fire, the oval-shaped blast of lasers from the alternate fire will travel slightly left of the crosshair, meaning aiming slightly to the right of some enemies is necessary to land all shots.
  • This weapon's ammo is not replenished by ammo packs. This, on top of the fact that its ammo is only found in the level it's acquired in, makes the Plasmathrower's ammo scarce.
    • This discrepancy is shared with the Minelayer, likely due to the weapons using a new ammo type.


  • The name "LanThief" comes from a name of one of the creators of Seriously Warped Deathmatch, Christopher Kreager.
  • Despite the Plasmathrower's lasers being red after being fired, the light caused by their explosions is a deep blue.


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