Cannon Turret
Cannonturret 2


Weapon damage

600 (cannonball direct impact), 100 (cannonball explosion radius)

Games it appears in

Serious Sam 2

The Cannon Turret is a vehicle in Serious Sam 2.


The Cannon Turret is a large cannon mounted on a wooden swivel that lets it rotate around. It must be operated by lying on top of the Cannon Turret in a spread position. The Cannonball cannot be charged up like the SBC Cannon can, but the cannonballs are very powerful. One hit can destroy up to the strongest enemies in one shot.

The Cannon Turret only appears in the first Ellenier level.


  • When using the Cannon Turret, try to aim ahead of an enemy if the enemy is moving. This lets the cannonball intercept the enemy while it's moving, killing the target. In such a situation, aiming straight at the enemy would most likely have the Cannonball miss because the enemy would move away by the time
  • The Cannon Turret is a sitting duck because it can't move, but thankfully, the Turret has a good amount of health. This lets it take quite a few hits from enemies before it blows up. In addition, the level it appears in has multiple Cannon Turrets in one location, so the player can easily switch to another one if the one currently being used is destroyed.


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