Capture the Flag (or CTF) is a versus game mode in Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam 3: BFE.


Capture the Flag is a game mode where the goal is to grab a flag and run to the player's base with the flag in tow. At the start of a match, the players are divided into two teams; red and blue. If someone with the flag is killed, the flag is dropped. If someone from the team the flag was stolen from picks it up, it will be returned to their base. If someone from the enemy team picks it up, they will pick it up, which gives their team another chance to capture the flag. A team will win the match if they has reached the "captured flags" limit or have the most captures when time has ran out.

Unlike other game modes, there is a short delay (5 or so seconds) between when the player is killed and when they respawn. This is to prevent the enemy team from being overwhelmed by players that seem to constantly respawn when killed, which gives them a chance to get into the base without constantly facing a large amount of resistance.

Capture the Flag can only be played in levels designed for it.


  • A good idea is to have half of a team running for the flag, while the other half defends the flag. This allows the team to not focus too much on one element, which makes them
  • Someone with a RAPTOR Sniper Rifle is very handy for defending the flag, as a zoomed in shot can kill an enemy in one hit if they don't have a lot of armor and they can attack enemies from a distance while still being very deadly.
  • Those with the flag should take out the Military Knife and run to their base as fast as possible. They should only fight an enemy if they absolutely have to.
  • Flag runners should stock up with as much Armor and powerful weapons that they can, because they'll need almost all of it to get past enemy defense and get the flag.