Cecil is a boss in Serious Sam 2.


Cecil was assigned by Mental to guard the Medallion. He also was responsible for taking the taxes from the village in Greendale and for kidnapping the Princess. Although when Sam arrived to rescue the Princess, Cecil wanted to give her back, while Sam wanted Cecil to keep her, so, they had a bet: Whoever loses in a battle, he will keep the Princess. Cecil lost, and threatened that he'll jump off the floating rock if Sam approached, and then made a deal with him to exchange the Medallion for the Princess.

Cecil will only fly back and forward, trying to spit fireballs or breath fire on you. If you get close to him, you will be damaged by his melee attack. He is very resistant to your regular weapons, and can't be hit easily, because he's flying pretty fast. To kill him, you have to collect Bows for the Ballistas.

Be sure to grab Serious Jump every now and then, you'll need it all the time. And also make sure the Ballista's aren't damaged, because if they are destroyed, you'll have to kill Cecil with your conventional weapons. When using a Ballista, you should try and hit Cecil when he's close to you, but not too close, or when you think he'll not move up or down.


  • Make sure the Ballistas don't get destroyed, otherwise, only the SBC Cannon and the Klawdovic might help.
  • Avoid his fireballs and breaths of fire by sidestepping or jumping.
  • Make sure you have enough Bows before entering a Ballista.
  • Sometimes he may knock you off (and into nothingness) when you are jumping. Try to avoid his blows or only jump when he is further away.

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