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This article contains spoilers. It might spoil your gaming experience when first playing these games.

Chanolin Chambers is the seventeenth level of Serious Sam 2.


After Prince Chan escapes, Serious Sam hitches a ride to Prince Chan's palace. Inside, he is attacked by more of Mental's forces. After fighting through a medium-sized room and a trap-filled hallway that surrounds an outside garden, Sam arrives in Prince Chan's very large game room. As soon as he enters the room, he is ambushed by many enemies.

After clearing them out, he must “play” two games in the room. Th first one requires him to collect yin-yang-shaped tokens while parts of the room move up or down. The second requires that he bounce around on yin-yang-shaped posts and reach the other side of the room in order to get another token, which ends the games. While he is doing this, Mental's forces attack him.

After going through the game room, he finds a small shrine to himself made by a citizen. He remembers his past games, then signs an autograph for the citizen. He then leaves the chambers.


  1. In the first room, look for a trampoline to the left of the door that's directly across from where you start. Walk up to the trampoline while holding down the “forward” key. This will bounce Sam into a Super Health. Collecting the Super Health will register the secret.
  2. In the game room, there are chandeliers hanging above the walkways where enemies like the Tank Biomechanoid come from. Destroy the chandeliers. The last one will spawn a Serious Damage and register a secret at the same time. The Serious Damage will appear on the first yin-yang platform that player sees when they enter the room.


  • The player can use the very first room they start in as a repair against enemies, using an "attack and hide" tactics, because the door is opened only by approaching it by inside, not outside; because of this, Sam can't go back in there once the room is leaved (there's nothing useful inside, just some objects that can be destroyed to spawn coins "+100 score"). Same tactic can be used in later "supply rooms" encountered through the level.