Chaolin Temple is the 18th level in Serious Sam 2.


After leaving the chambers, Serious Sam enters the outdoors part of Prince Chan's palace, where finds Prince Chan again. However, Prince Chan retreats to the other side of the outdoors area. Soon after, Sam finds an XPML30 Rocket Launcher, and is then ambushed by a large amount of enemies. When he's done with them, an SBC Cannon appears. More enemies come after he picks it up. Thanks to the extra firepower he recently obtained, he easily clears them out.

While fighting enemies, NETRICSA discovers that Prince Chan left a lolipop on the left side of the gardens, then suggests that Sam picks it up in order to enrage Prince Chan enough that he'll fight Sam. Sam goes over and collects it. More enemies appear, but thanks to a handy XZ-808 Flying Saucer that appears right after he picks up the lolipop, he tears through them.

Sam then approaches Prince Chan's hideout, lolipop in tow.


  1. As soon as you spawn in, run over to the first dragon on the right. Get close to it and a “Press F to use” message will appear. Do so, and the dragon statue will start spewing fire. This will register a secret.
  2. In the first courtyard, go to the third flag from the left and go near it's back. You'll find a red switch. Press it, and a secret will be registered.

Trivia Edit

  • After the player defeats Rollerballs and takes the lollipop, a Flying Saucer is gained, but be careful because two dangerous monsters will spawn shortly after. The General, which will be accompanied by a lot of Rhino Cybertoys, making it a challenging fight, pretty much like a "mini-boss" encounter. Go into the Flying Saucer and use its agility to miss the enemies while firing with the lasers; try to remain on the side of the building where the lollipop was, so The General that's spawned near the entrance of the temple will not be able to target you. A bit of distraction from the player is enough to be overwhelmed by the rhinos' charges and the rockets from the generals, destroying the Flying Saucer in no time; in this case, use the cannon and/rocket launcher to finish the job as quickly as possible.