"This gives us a fighting chance! Team Charlie is ready for insertion."

Charlie Team were a group of five soldiers who were supposed to be sent into the Time-Lock in the past to change the future of humanity. In order to change the fate of humanity, Charlie Team was assigned on a mission to assassinate Mental in the past.


After Sam reactivated the time-lock's two power generators Horus and Anubis including its safety lock mechanism, Charlie Team began preparing to enter the time-lock.

However, the team's current status was out of commission, presumably killed by Mental's forces, followed by Mental's surprise attack at the Earth Defense Force's headquarters, seemingly destroying the EDF and humanity's last hope. However, after learning that Charlie Team was killed, Sam decided to head to the time-lock in order to start their mission by himself despite Hellfire telling him to find a safe place to hide, thus giving humanity one last chance of hope.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown how they would have completed their mission with only five people or how they could locate and assassinate Mental.
  • It's possible that all the weapons, ammo and supplies that appear in ancient egypt were originally meant for Charlie Team to use, which would explain why there is so much equipment appearing during that period.