The ChiChe are a species in Serious Sam 2.


The ChiChe are a bipedal, humanoid species that are native to the planet Chi Fang. They are basically living stereotypes of pre-industrial Chinese people, but are very short. Their leader appears to be Prince Chan, a huge, overweight and childish member of a royal family that rules over the ChiChe when Serious Sam visits Chi Fang.

Unlike the other species, the ChiChe will not fight against Mental's forces, and will always run away when his forces appear to fight Sam. However, they will help Serious Sam while he's on the streets of Chi Fang, suggesting that they don't like Mental, but not enough to fight him.


The ChiChe seem to be fairy advanced in terms of technology, as they have built a large city, created. However, they seem to lack advanced weaponry, such as the Rocket Launchers and ZapGuns that the other species have. Despite this, they seem to have some pilots that can fly spaceships, as there are several ChiChes that are spaceship pilots turned prisoners on Kronor that Sam rescues while he's there.

Notable ChiCheEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • There are some ChiChe models that appear in cutscenes, but not in the actual game. Preview footage shows that these models were supposed to be in the game at one point.
  • The model attachment points on the ChiChe models suggests that women ChiChe were supposed to wield swords at one point, while men could wield Uzis.