Chi Fang is a planet in Serious Sam 2.


Chi Fang is a planet that Serious Sam visits in order to get a piece of the Medallion. The planet is based around a pre-industrial China theme, with pagoda-shaped buildings and old Chinese-style roofs used in architecture. The planet appears to have a lot of mountains on it, as there are mountains surrounding the city Serious Sam visits.

Chi Fang appears to have recently come under Mental's control as he has made Prince Chan, the planet's ruler, one of his subordinates. This can also be seen by the large amount of Martial Arts Zombie roaming around the parts of the planet visited, which were created by Mental.



Serious Sam starts his quest inside a city on the planet. This city appears to have buildings tightly packed with each other , suggesting that there isn't a lot of room in it. Past the docks is an amusement park built by Prince Chan that has three large ferris wheels. Past it is a street that leads to a large park, which is the site of Prince Chan's birthday celebration.


Somewhere else on the planet is Prince Chan's palace, where he lives. Inside the palace is a small garden surrounded by glass and a large game room, which can be configured to play games, two of which involve collecting yin-yang shaped tokens. There is also a room filled with Serious Sam memorabilia, such as covers from his past games and pictures of him posing on various planets.

The outside area contains a huge and long path with dragon statues surrounding it that has a pagoda in the center of it. To the left of the pagoda is a playground, the right of it has a lake and behind it is Prince Chan's residence.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The order of the folders in the level textures folder suggests that Chi Fang was going to be the second planet the player visited at one time, not the third one. This order seems to be preserved in the introduction cutscene, as Jebbidiah lists the Chi-Che before the Zixies when discussing which species received Medallion pieces.