The Children of Amon Ra is the first level in The Legend of the Beast.


This level is based on a different take on the end of Metropolis. In it, Sam finds that the sign of Amon-Ra was not at the end of Metropolis, but instead moved to a location called the Great Obelisk to serve as a sacrifice for a strange, ram monster. Sam then heads to the Great Obelisk.

Sam starts his trip to the Great Obelisk in the part of the city meant for commoners. After fighting off Mental's forces and pulling switches found at each end of the commoner's district, Sam manages to open the gates to the part of the city reserved for priests.


  1. In the first yard, there is a building with crucifix-like windows and two walkways under it. Go into the right walkway and shoot the discolored wall to your right.
  2. In the right yard, there is a Large Health to the lower left corner of where you enter it. Walk up to it, and it will bounce behind you. Pick it up to register the secret.
  3. In the far back of the right yard, there is a wall that's colored differently from the rest of them. Jump into it and you will discover a 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun and two Shell boxes. Simply entering the room will register the secret.
  4. In the left yard, there is a lake with a bridge. Underneath the bridge is a teleporter. Go into it to get warped to a secret room with an Extra Large Armor in it.
  5. From the room in 4, pick up the Extra Large Armor to register another secret.