The Chimputee is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Double D. It is a chimpanzee with its legs replaced with jets, wearing a pair of shades and armed with a grenade launcher and an axe.


The Chimputee's primary attack is to fire a banana grenade at a target. If the grenade is launched upwards, it will fly up for a bit, then dip down. If launched downwards, it will fly straight to the ground, bounce around for a second, then blow up. These grenades can be destroyed by gunfire. If the target is right next to the Chimputee, it will swing at the target with its axe.


  • Rapid-fire weapons, such as the Thompson Submachine Gun, along with the 12 Gauge Shotgun, work best against the Chimputee. The large amount of bullets they fire can quickly kill a Chimputee and helps compensate for aiming at his somewhat-small body.
  • Chimputees can be jumped on. This can utilized to use them as platforms for skipping some areas/fights or even to reach a secret or two.
  • Remember that Chimputee grenades will blow up if shot in mid-air. This useful if the player sees a grenade, but can't dodge it in time.
  • Multiple Chimputees can be dealt with the same weapons used to kill a single Chimputee. Rapid-fire weapons work great against groups of Chimputees because of their low health.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Chimputee is a medium threat. His grenades can get annoying, especially if there are more than one. The less projectiles that are needed to dodge, the easier a fight is. Therefore, take it out whenever an opportunity arises. They usually get killed in the crossfire between the player and another enemy, so deliberately focusing on them in order to get rid of them isn't needed all the time.


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