Cloned Shotgunners, like their assault rifle wielding brethren, are clones of human soldiers who have been cybernetically altered by Mental's technology, and are the basic infantry units of his forces. This variety wields the 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun, which is deadly at close range, but less effective at medium to long distances.

NETRISCA InformationEdit

"Cybernetically modified clone of human soldier. It is conditioned to blindly attack designated targets. Implanted LCU augments the organic brain and controls high-level functions to obey orders received from Mental's headquarters. Added sensors enable it to see in the dark and fog. Most parts of the skin have been damaged by acid and high temperature, presumably during implantation and other manufacturing processes. Carries standard issue shotgun, as used by human forces. Not very effective at large distances, but delivers a strong blow at close range."


Cloned Shotgunners behave just like human soldiers in terms of combat, such as taking cover behind walls and sandbags, occasionally coming out of cover to shoot at Sam. Cloned soldiers are some of the most common humanoid enemies the player will encounter in Serious Sam 3. When killed, they will occasionally drop their weapon or shotgun clips which can resupply minute amounts of shotgun shells. The pellets from their gun will spread at range, making them less dangerous the farther away they are from their target. Cloned soldiers will also deliver a strong kick if the player is in very close proximity to one.


  • At close or medium range, the pump-action shotgun is very effective. One shot has enough pellets to kill two or so in one shot.
  • The M29 Infantry Assault Rifle is also very effective against Shotgunners at any range. Its high hip-fire accuracy can wipe out a Shotgunner with ease, and looking down the iron sight allows the player to take out a Shotgunner at any range.
  • The player can perform two melee attacks against a cloned soldier, both depend on the player's currently equipped weapon. When the player is using any shotgun (excluding the AS-24 Devastator), or the SOP38 Pistol, they will kick the soldier a short distance, temporarily preventing him from firing at the player. If the player is wielding anything else, the player will break the soldier's neck, instantly killing him.
  • The melee kick is useful against a single Shotgunner, as it temporary prevents them from shooting the player while dealing with other targets. This lets the player deal with more important enemies while the Shotgunner is trying to recover from the kick.
  • Groups of Shotgunners can be killed with the assault rifle. Its good rate of fire and accuracy can clear out an entire group in seconds. The XPML21 Rocket Launcher can also kill multiple Shotgunners thanks to the rocket's explosion radius, but the rocket's travel time can make the player vulnerable depending on how far the player is from the Shotgunners.
  • When paired with other enemies, their threat depends on how close they are to the player. If they're at medium or long range, they can be ignored because of how little damage their guns will do. However, at close range, they are very dangerous because most, if not all, of their pellets will connect at close range. Therefore, they should be taken out immediately.

Appearance statisticsEdit

The below list shows how many of this enemy type appears in each game, per difficulty and either single or co-op mode.

GamesTourist, Easy and Normal singepllayerHard and Mental singleplayerSerious Difficulty singleplayerTourist, Easy and Normal Co-opHard and Mental Co-OpSerious Co-Op
Serious Sam 3: BFE233234236236238240

Related achievementsEdit

Name and Icon Description Notes


Break 10 Soldier necks. Doesn't matter if the Soldier is a Shotgunner or Rifleman.
Kung-fu Fighter

Kung-fu fighter

Perform all possible finishing moves in the game. Rip a Gnaar's eye out, a Rocketeer's heart out, a Kleer's head off, a Scrapjack's face off, a Juvenile Spider's carapace, squash a Hatchling Spider and break a soldier's neck.