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This article contains spoilers. It might spoil your gaming experience when first playing these games.

Coast 2 Cost is the twenty-fifth level of Serious Sam 2.


After saving the village from Mental's forces, Sam is directed towards a gate that leads to a coast that has the Kingsburg. Sam travels through the gate and travels along a large coastal area filled with a lot of resistance from Mental's forces. Thanks to some handy CH-181 Hover Bikes, Sam manages to reach Kingsburg's gates, but Mental unleashes some of his most powerful forces at Sam, such as T-Mechs and a large General, in order to stop him from reaching the city's gates. As usual, Sam manages to kill every creature sent by Mental, which finally lets him access Kingsburg.


  1. As soon as you start the left, go left. Keep going until you reach the wall, then turn left. You'll see a crate. Destroy it to reveal a Serious Damage, which will also register a secret.
  2. When at the first “coast” area, head towards the head statue with a fence surrounding it that has posters on it. Walk around the fence to the right until you reach the end of the fence. Look, and you'll see a gap you can slip through between the fence and the head. Follow it, and you'll see a staircase that leads inside the head, which has two Treasure Bags and a Super Health. Approaching the items will register the secret.
  3. After completing the first “coast” section, you will go up a hill. At the top of the hill on your right is a floating sign, several crates, and a two rock piles, one of them under the floating sign mentioned earlier. Look behind the rock pile that's further away (ie to the left of the one under the floating sign), and you'll find an Extra Life. Pick it up to register a secret.