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Command Center is the thirty-second level of Serious Sam 2.


After going through the tunnel, Serious Sam ends up in what appears to be an outdoor warehouse filled with shipping containers. More of Mental's forces arrive to take him out, but Sam eliminates them. He then finds another prison block and rescues the last prisoners.

With all of the prisoners rescued, he heads to his next objective; taking over a larding strip for the Alliance to use on their attack against Sirius. He starts to head deeper into the outdoor warehouse, but a huge force of enemies pour out of a gate. He manages to take them out, then goes deeper into the outdoor warehouse. However, enemies come out of the shipping containers and there is a decent-sized force waiting for him on the other side.

When he's done with the enemies in the outdoor warehouse, Sam finds a guarded path that leads to the landing runway, which is very large. Sam's goal is to clear out every bit of resistance in the landing runway, which requires him to take out a large and powerful combined force of land-based and aerial enemies. Thankfully for him, he has a lot of power and several Plasma Turrets to use as backup. With all of the firepower Sam has, he manages to clear out every bit of resistance in the landing strip and secure it for the Alliance. After the Alliance arrives, Sam heads to his final objective; the Laser Cannon.


  1. In the first section, there is a large collection of shipping containers on the right side of the area. Face these crates, then look at the crate stacks that are closest to you. From there, find the crate stack that's second when looking from left to right. Go close to it, and one of it's sides will break, releasing a Lizard. Kill the Lizard, then bring some crates over and stack them so that you can jump inside the container with the destroyed side. Inside, you will find a RAPTOR Sniper Rifle and four sniper rifle bullet ammo pickups. As soon as you pick up the Sniper Rifle, a secret will be registered.