The Common Aludran Reptiloid is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


  • The Common Aludran Reptiloid is a green, lizard-like creature with horns and four arms. Originally from the Aludran system, these creatures agreed to work with Mental in exchange for him giving them magical powers.
  • Its primary attack is to toss a green ball that will attempt to home in on the target. However, the ball is slow and will miss the target if the target is constantly moving. The ball can also be destroyed.


  • The Common Reptiloid isn't as dangerous as he first looks. His green orbs are easy to dodge, and aren't as damaging as his big brother, the Highlander Aludran Reptiloid.
  • Zoomed-in RAPTOR Sniper Rifle shots are very effective against him, as one shot will kill a Common Reptiloid.
  • If the player has to fight a Common Reptiloid close up, the Double-Barrel Shotgun works very well against him. A point-blank shot is about as powerful as a rocket and lacks the rocket's splash damage. It takes about three shots to down a Common Reptiloid.
  • Long-range Common Reptiloids can be taken down with a barrage of rockets if the player lacks a RAPTOR Sniper Rifle. About four should be enough to kill it.

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