―A Croteam Head's usual catchphrase.

Croteam Heads (also known as Big Heads and Fan-Boys) are enemies and an Easter egg encountered in the Serious Sam series.


They appear as people wearing shirts with the Serious Sam logo, with huge heads and the faces of members of Croteam. They appear to wear the same clothes as Sam.

Croteam Heads are "enemies" which can only be found via secrets. They are harmless towards the player, but are not passive. They may become an annoying obstruction as they tend to shout "hey, wait", approach the player closely, introduce themselves and walk away which can happen even more than once per single NPC. In groups they may get stuck in tight spaces due to quite poor AI. However in Serious Sam HD they just simply say "hello" after spotting the player without approaching them, thus making them less of an annoyance.


Their first appearance is in Serious Sam: The First Encounter, in the first level Temple of Hatshepsut. They later appear in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter in the first level Sierra de Chiapas as angels. Later, they appear in The Citadel as devils. They also make an appearance in Serious Sam 3: BFE, in the "Hall of Developers" secret, where one can also find a Super Health.


While not a threat, Croteam Heads can be killed very easily with any weapon if the player desires to do so - with no retaliation to be expected. An individual has about the HP as any beheaded soldier (e.g. Beheaded Rocketeers). It takes a single Military Knife slash or two shots from the Schofield .45 to kill one. These two are probably the best weapons for this task with no wasteful ammo usage, especially on higher difficulties.

Killing Croteam Heads will not yield any points and no information on NETRICSA will be given.


  • In classic version of Serious Sam, the background music will remain peaceful if the player approaches the Croteam Head(s). In Serious Sam HD however, this is not the case, and the music changes just like when the player is within the proximity of any enemy in enclosed areas.
  • Croteam Heads have the longest death animation of any enemy in the game. When killed, it will dance for a few seconds before falling very slowly towards the ground, coughing and moaning in pain.
  • Every secret Croteam Heads appear in includes an ammunition/health.