Cucurbito the Pumpkin is an enemy in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam HD.


Cucurbito the Pumpkin is basically a human wearing overalls, uses a chainsaw and has a pumpkin for a head. It was made by Mental by combining elements his time-traveling agents found in 20th century Earth, including 'Smashing Pumpkins albums, a copy of the Burt Reynolds movie Deliverance and a copy of Lumberjack Digest.

Cucurbitos only have one attack: charging at the player. The player can also be damaged by walking into a Cucurbito. Cucurbitos make a screeching/screaming noise when they are killed.


  • Cucurbitos are easy to dodge, making them not a major serious threat when encountered with other enemies. The player can easily dodge Cucurbitos while taking out more serious threats, such as Major Biomechanoids.
  • Cucurbito is very similar to a Sirian Werebull minus the knockback effect from its charge attack and should be treated as such.
  • A single or small group of Cucurbitos can be killed with the Double Barrel Coach Gun or XPML21 Rocket Launcher.
  • Groups of Cucurbitos can be easily taken out with the XM214-A Minigun, XOP Flamethrower, MKIII Grenade Launcher, zoomed in RAPTOR Sniper Rifle or a charged up cannonball. The Minigun's high rate of fire and the very large amount of damage a charged up cannonball can do to a group make them very useful against Cucurbitos.
  • In the HD version of the game, Cucurbitos sometimes can rapidly slash the player, dealing the same amount of damage but in a rapid succession. Usually occurs if you are close to them after their charge attack is finished.


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