Deadwood is the ninth level of Serious Sam 2.


After retrieving the first Medallion part from Kwongo's remains, Serious Sam is sent to Magnor to find the Zixies and enlist their help to find the next Medallion piece. However, Sam is teleported to the planet's swamps, where it appears someone has built some industrial bases. Mental's forces are on the prowl forcing Sam to fight through the industrial bases, while picking up some new weapons, as he lost the weapons he was carrying when he was teleported to Magnor.


  1. As soon as you spawn into the level, turn backwards and start walking. Soon, you'll find a fishing pole, umbrella and chair. Walk up to the fishing pole, and it will drag out a Double Shotgun. Pick it up. Beware; a T-Mech will appear as soon as you grab the shotgun.
  2. Soon after you grab the Auto Shotgun, you'll be on a curved path with a few Orc Grunts and a Zombie Soldier attacking and what appears to be a very large rib behind them. Kill them, then walk into the rib. You'll see a horn. Grab it, and several Lizards will be spawned.
  3. After grabbing the XL 808 Plasma Rifle, go back to the main path until you reach a fork. Go left and clear out the enemies in the location. When that's done, go to the very back of the area, then turn left. You'll find a large shipping crate. Stack some crates so that you can climb up it. Get to the top, and you'll find a Serious Bomb.
  4. At the end of the level, you'll be in front of a gate. Go to the metal walkway that leads to the gate area while coming form the dirt path, then go right. You'll find a crocodile wearing a Croatian soccer/football outfit while bouncing a soccer ball on its head. Walk up to it and a secret will be registered.