The Dib Dib Dum Dum is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Dib Dib Dum Dum is a human genetically modified by Mental. They were originally Boy Dib Dib Dum Dums camping in the West Virginian woods. For reason, Mental decided to capture them and modify them into troops for his own purposes. Now, they serve as his scouts for exploring new territory.

In-game, the Dib Dib Dum Dum will try to run up to a target and swing their large knife at the target. This is their only attack.

The Dib Dib Dum Dum is notable because it is one of the rarest enemies in the Serious Sam series, as it appears only once throughout the entire game, and even then its only found in a secret.


  • The Dib Dib Dum Dum's attack can be avoided by simply strafing or running away from them. They need to be right next to the player in order to use it, and constantly moving makes it impossible for them to hit the player.
  • When it is shot, the Dib Dib Dum Dum will play a long “pain flinch” animation. This gives the player plenty of time to shoot it more and kill it.
  • The Double-Barrel Shotgun is very effective against the Dib Dib Dum Dum, as one shot will kill it. Plus, the Dib Dib Dum Dum is big enough that most of the pellets will connect, even at medium range.
  • The Shofield Uzi Pistols also also work against the Dib Dib Dum Dum, as it's rapid fire can quickly cut down a Dib Dib Dum Dum and stun others long enough for the player to target another one or kill the Dib Dib Dum Dum the player is currently shooting.
  • Multiple Dib Dib Dum Dums can be taken out with the Double-Barrel Shotgun. Dodging them is very easy, so picking them off one-by-one with the Double-Barrel Shotgun works fine.
  • When paired with other enemies, it is a low-priority threat. It is easy to kill and dodging it is extremely simple.