Dino 2


Weapon damage

30 (fireball)

Games it appears in

Serious Sam II

The Dino is a vehicle in Serious Sam II.


Dino is a medium-sized velociraptor living on M'Digbo that can ridden. It can shoot fireballs from it's mouth and is fairly fast, but has very low health.

Dino only appears on the first level.


  • Dino is useful for clearing out the weak enemies in the first level. It's fireballs can kill weak enemies in one shot, and stronger enemies (at least the ones in the first level) can be easily defeated by holding down the fire key and aiming at the target. Dino's rate of fire is fast enough that it can kill a stronger enemy after two or so seconds of holding down the fire key.
  • Dino's low health requires that the player constantly be dodging enemy attacks. A few hits from even weak enemies can kill Dino. Thankfully, Dino is fast enough that it can dodge every attack shot at the player as long as the player is strafing.


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