Double Barrel Coach Gun
Ssg 1



10 for each pellet; 14 pellets fired

Rate of fire

Two shells manual reloading

Maximum ammunition

100 (Normal, Hard and Mental)
200 (Tourist, Easy and Serious)

Ammunition type


"Double your gun, double your fun!"
―Sam Stone[src]
The Double Barrel Coach Gun is a weapon in Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Serious Sam: the Second Encounter, and Serious Sam HD. It is one of the first weapons found in all the aforementioned games.

NETRISCA informationEdit

  • Weapon: Double Barrel Coach Gun
  • Ammo: 12 Gauge shells
  • ROF: two shells manual reloading
  • Barrel: 20"


Standard double-barreled 12 Gauge shotgun. Efficient for short-range elimination of medium-sized enemies, but scatters the pellets too much to be used for long-range shooting.


  • Slow due to complete manual reloading
  • Inefficient at long range


  • The Coach Gun fires 14 pellets and uses two shells every time the gun is fired, twice as many as the 12 Gauge Shotgun. The pellets are spread in a wide box-shaped pattern. However, the pellets' wide spread makes the weapon ineffective past short range.
  • Unlike the 12 Guage, there is a significant amount of time between shots, which greatly decreases the rate of fire.
  • The Coach Gun's reload animation is significantly shorter in Deathmatch mode of the classic Serious Sam titles, giving it about the same delay between shots as the Pump Shotgun does.
  • In The First Encounter, the first secret appearance of the Coach Gun is in the Temple of Hatshepsut, and its main appearance is at the end of the Tomb of Ramses III.


  • When using the Coach Gun, the player should remember that the reloading animation between shots makes them vulnerable, and should be moving or ready to move as soon as the Coach Gun is fired.
  • The Coach Gun is an excellent anti-Kleer Skeleton weapon. A point-blank shot will always kill a Kleer in one hit. Short range shots have a chance to kill the latter as well, though a few pellets might fly past the Kleer, especially in Serious Sam HD. In HD, the Kleer has a a hitbox that conforms more in line with its shape than in the original game.
  • Sirian Werebulls are less of a threat when confronted by the Coach Gun. Two short-range blasts can kill one, and landing all of the pellets on a Werebull is can be easily accomplished due to its size and hitbox.
  • The Coach Gun can also kill a Scythian Witch-Harpy in one shot at close range, in cases such as a Harpy closing in to perform a melee attack. However, the Coach Gun is only effective on small flocks of Harpies, due to the reloading time between shots leaving the player vulnerable. It is not recommended to be used when encountering a swarm.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Coach Gun has a different firing and reloading sound in Test 1.
  • In Test 2, the final sound is used while Test 1's model was still in use.


  • The Coach Gun in the Xbox version of Serious Sam has a different, slightly improved model compared to the PC version's.
  • Serious Sam HD's Coach Gun is based on the Xbox model, as opposed to the PC model.




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