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Double Barrel Coach Gun
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The Double Barrel Coach Gun is a weapon in Serious Sam Advance.


The Double Barrel Coach Gun is a double barreled shotgun that fires both barrels at once when the trigger is pressed. It is very effective at short range, but doesn't do a lot of damage at longer ranges.

The Double Barrel Coach Gun is first picked up in The Temple of Herkat Lower.


  • The Double Barrel Coach Gun works great against medium-strength enemies, such as the Methug Soldier or the Hermit Crabuloid. It does enough damage per hit that it can kill a medium strength enemy in two or so shots.
  • It's reload time is quick enough that it can also be used to take on small groups (2-3) of medium-strength enemies as long as the player is constantly strafing. This makes it handy for taking out groups of medium-enemies if they haven't acquired a rapid-fire weapon, like the Thompson Sub Machine Gun, yet, or need to conserve ammo for those weapons.
  • It is also an effective alternative to the Rocket Launcher for stronger enemies, like the Bladder Beast, if the player is at close quarters and can't use a rapid-fire weapon for various reasons. While each shot does less than a rocket does, it does do a good amount of damage per hit, which is much better than a shot from something like the Schofield Pistol.
  • The Double Barrel Coach Gun shouldn't be used at long or medium range because it's pellets can't reach a target from that range.



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