Double Shotgun
Ssg 2

12 for each pellets, 14 pellets fired per shot

Maximum Ammunition held


Ammunition Type


The Double Shotgun is a weapon in Serious Sam 2. Like the Double Barrel Coach Gun, the Double is a double barreled shotgun.


The Double Shotgun fires both barrels at once when the fire key is pressed. After the gun has been fired, there will be a brief delay between shots (slightly longer than the Auto Shotgun's), then the gun will be able to fire again.

The Double Shotgun has a surprisingly tight spread, making it useful at up to medium range. However, the actual spread is more horizontal than compared to the Auto Shotgun's spread.


  • The Double is quite powerful against medium-strength enemies, such as Levitators. It takes two to three shots to finish off most medium-strength enemies with the Double.
  • Because of it's surprisingly tight spread, this weapon can be used at up to medium range. However, it should only be used against medium or large-sized enemies because of the spread. Otherwise, at least a few pellets will miss every shot.
  • Its short reload time makes it a good rapid-fire weapon against medium-strength enemies.


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