The Double Shotgun is a double-barreled shotgun that appears in Serious Sam 2.


The double shotgun fires both barrels at once when the fire key is pressed. After the gun has been fired, there will be a brief delay between shots (slightly longer than the Auto Shotgun's), then the gun will be able to fire again.

The double shotgun has a surprisingly tight spread, making it useful at up to medium range. However, the actual spread is more horizontal than compared to the auto shotgun's spread.


  • The double shotgun is quite powerful against medium-strength enemies, such as Levitators. It takes two to three shots to finish off most medium-strength enemies with the double shotgun.
  • Because of it's surprisingly tight spread, this weapon can be used at up to medium range. However, it should only be used against medium or large-sized enemies because of the spread. Otherwise, at least a few pellets will miss every shot.
  • Its short reload time makes it a good rapid-fire weapon against medium-strength enemies.


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