The Driving Robot was a cut enemy that would drive around on the ground. It came with two variants, R2-D2 and Spider.

Attacks and statsEdit

It had two attacks; firing a laser and launching a bomb. The code for these weapons come from the Cyborg and Beheaded Bomber, respectively. The Driving Robot's low health and score seems to suggest that it was a cannon fodder enemy, like the Beheaded Rocketeer.


Based on its looks, the Driving Robot would at least be in Sky City, as both locations have a mechanical and futuristic look.

The Driving Robot apparently never got its own sounds before being cut, as all of its sounds are from the Minor Bio-mechanoid.


The Driving Robot was removed from the final game. The only remnants of it are some code files in the final game and in the Serious Sam 1 SDK.