Easy Difficulty is a difficulty setting found in all Serious Sam games. It is either the easiest, or second easiest difficulty. "Chilled" difficulty, in Serious Sam Double D, can be considered a variant of Easy Difficulty.

Easy Difficulty
Default Health and Armor

200 (SS1, SS3)/100 (SS2, Xbox, Test 1)

Max Health and Armor

300 (SS1, SS3)/200 (SS2, Xbox, Test 1)



Self Damage?

No. (except by Grenades in Serious Sam HD and Serious Sam 2.)

Enemy Count

Less than Average

Score Multiplier

20 (HD:TFE), 21 (HD:TSE, SS3)

Ammo Multiplier


Enemy Health Multiplier

x1 (TFE), x0.75 (TSE, SS2, SS3, Xbox), x0.5 (Xbox version of SS2)

Enemy Damage Multiplier


Enemy Speed Multiplier

x1 (SS1, SS3), x0.75 (SS2)

Enemy "Think Frequency" Multiplier (the higher it is, the faster they act)

x1 (SS1, SS3), x0.75 (SS2)

Enemy Initial Delay Multiplier (Delay before they detect player)

x1.25 (All the games), x1.5 (Xbox version of SS2)

Auto-aim Factor (1 means no autoaim, above 1 means there is autoaim, below 1 means inaccuracy)

1.1 (SS2, and presumably Xbox), 1.0 (rest of the SS games)

Previous Difficulty

Tourist Difficulty

Next Difficulty

Normal Difficulty



Easy Difficulty is the second level of difficulty in all Serious Sam games it has appeared it. It replaces Tourist Difficulty in Serious Sam Xbox.


Easy Difficulty is extremely similar to Tourist, although, there's no health regeneration. Enemies deal higher damage and are more durable than Tourist, and in Serious Sam 2 (and presumably Xbox), the Auto-aim is scaled down. Again, some of the enemy behavior is effected, like Tourist, such as Minor Biomechanoids and Arachnoids shooting a smaller burst of laser/bullets at the player, but the burst of projectiles they shoot is larger compared to Tourist. The number of enemies is the same as in tourist difficulty.


Players will get damaged by their own grenades in Serious Sam HD and Serious Sam 2 if they walk on them to trigger them, just like Tourist. Also, players cannot perform 'rocket jump' for some specific situation as Tourist level.

Suggested ForEdit

This difficulty fits perfectly for casual players and players with small experience in Serious Sam, or generally, FPS games.