Ellenier is a planet in Serious Sam 2.


Ellenier is a planet filled with lush plant life and plenty of water, giving one the impression that it resembles a location in a fairy tale. Various villages and castles appear to dot the landscape, further reinforcing the fairy tale theme.

The most prominent people on the planet are the Elvians, who appear to be short elves. They seem to have the planet divided into kingdoms, as one of them, Kingsburg, is explored in Serious Sam 2.



The ground appears to be the most populated part of the planet. A decent-sized village and a large town with a castle wall surrounding it are encountered in the game, suggesting that the planet has a fairly large population. The ground also appears to be be very suitable for life, as a large river and a lot of plant life can be seen in SS2.

One of the most notable parts of the ground are the statues of The King's head scattered throughout one of the planet's coasts and on mountainsides just past the coast. These statues seem to show the territory he rules and helps guide visitors to his castle, the Castle of Rock.

Floating islandsEdit

The floating islands high above the ground dot the planet's sky from the ground. On these islands appear to be majestic buildings that look like they've been abandoned for a while. Also notable are the statues of bird heads carved into the sides of the mountains, which have been taken over by Harpies for their own purposes. At least one of the islands has a steam of water and a small lake, ensuring that there will be life on it. Where the water comes from is unknown, but rain is the most likely source.

The floating islands are connected by a series of Ellian Bird Ships that allow one to go from one island to another.