The Elvians are a humanoid species native to the planet Ellenier. They are short white people with elf-like ears, which is most likely where they get their name from.

Overview Edit

Elvians seem to be the most diverse out of all the species culturally, as men and women in both traditional fantasy clothes are more modern, American 50's-like outfits (like leather jackets), can be seen. Additionally, there are larger Elvians that serve as guards, some of which are dressed up like Serious Sam for some reason.

Elvian society appears to be dominated by the King, a monarch. His face can be seen carved on mountain sides and statues of his head can be found dotting the coast that leads to his castle. There may also be other Elvian kingdoms, as a prince from another land can be seen getting ready to marry the princess, the king's daughter.


The Elvians seem to be the most technologically advanced out of all the races, as they have been seen with equipment such as modern keyboards, sound amplifiers, and records. They also have rocket launchers and Zap Guns, but it is unknown if these are made by them or obtained somewhere else. However, there is still some less-advanced technology in their society, such as small mills that use water as a source of power and homes with straw roofs.

The Elvians appear to be very knowledgeable regarding flight. They have developed an air-capable vehicle, the Ellian Bird Ship, which can fly between Ellenier's floating islands. Multiple bird ships can be found during Serious Sam's trip through Ellenier's floating islands, suggesting that they have setup a transit system for the floating islands.

Notable ElviansEdit

  • The king
  • The princess