The Evil Serious Sam Clone is the primary antagonist in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.

Description Edit

Evil clone

A strange character encountered only in Serious Sam: Next Encounter. He was in the hands of Mental until he sneaked into Mental's Time-Lock in which Mental permitted him not to enter. Though Mental is Serious Sam's ultimate nemesis, other than his enemy creations and the first cutscene, he is not involved in the game at all. He appears to be causing mischief in many different cutscenes throughout the game, however doesn't have any major occurences until the end of the game; in which Sam finds him in the head of the Sirian Darklord an. After this, Sam sends his Evil Clone alongside him back to the scientists, however a glitch in the machine causes more Evil Sam Clones to spawn and be released in Legendary Atlantis. Sam's Evil Clone has no appearence from this game forth.

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