The Exotech Larva is a boss in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.


The Exotech Larva is a cyborg larva with two attacks; firing large, blue and bouncy orbs, and spawning little creatures from somewhere on its body. After taking enough damage, one of the arms will blow up and fall off the Larva, making it weaker. When around 2/3rds of its health are gone, the last arm will fly off.

After the second arm has been blown off, the boss will enter its final phase. The wires that used to connect the arms will now fire very deadly lasers that will hit something as soon as they are fired. These lasers do much more damage than the orbs, requiring the player to hide behind something in order to avoid it.

NETRICSA descriptionEdit

”The success of its first abomination of nature - the Biomechanoid - pushed Mental even further this time. In an attempt to create a perfect and obeying bodyguard, Mental decided to combine robotic parts with an even simpler organic creature - an insect larvae. Larva was heavily armed and put into a 'strength multiplicator' device and was supposed to guard Mental. Things did not work out as planned. After the 17th assassination attempt by Larva on Mental and many hours spent teaching the cyborg the difference between it's Master and a common caterpillar, Mental finally gave up and found it's pet a new job: guarding a portal that could bring some serious trouble his way.”


  • As soon you enter the Extotech Larva's room, skip the cutscene and shoot a charged-up SBC Cannon cannonball at every generator in the room. There is one on the center part of each side of the room. One charged-up cannon shot will destroy each generator in one shot, preventing the Larva from regenerating it's health.
  • While fighting the Exotech Larva, make sure to always be near a pillar. The Larva's orbs, and later, lasers, are very powerful, but they'll have no effect if they hit a pillar you are hiding behind.
  • If it becomes difficult to hide behind a pillar because of how close the Larva is, switch to another pillar as soon as it's done firing. Being further away makes it easier to hide from it's attacks.
  • The Exotech Larva takes half the damage from cannon shots, so don't use it.
  • Rapid-fire weapons such as the XM-214-A Minigun will work great against the Exotech Larva because it lets the player attack both the Larva and the creatures it spawns. While the damage may not be as high as something like the Rocket Launcher, it does make it much easier to kill the creatures the Exotech spawns while doing damage to the Larva itself.
  • The XPML21 Rocket Launcher works well against the Exotech Larva, but it makes it much more difficult to kill the creatures the Larva spawns at close range, as killing one as close range puts the player at risk from being harmed from their own rocket exploding near them.
  • When the last arm is being blown off, immediately run to one of the pillars and make sure the Larva can't see you. The lasers the Larva fires are notably more damaging than it's orbs are, and being out when it first starts firing will either take away a lot of health or outright kill the player.
  • During the final phase of the fight, the “braaammm” sound it makes is a big hint that the Larva is about to fire it's lasers. As soon as this sound is heard, run behind a pillar and stay there until the zapping sound from its lasers firing is gone. After that, attack it again until its lasers start to fire at you.
  • There is a useful but cheap trick for fighting off the Exotech Larva. Between ball volleys, run up to the center of it with the P-Lah Chainsaw and start attacking it until the chainsaw starts slicing up the creatures it spawns.  You will be too close for the Larva to hit with its orbs and the creatures will be killed as soon as they appear, which makes it completely harmless. This is very useful in co-op, as it lets the other players attack the Larva without having to worry about things like hiding behind pillars. However, this tactic should be abandoned as soon as the last arm is blown off, as its lasers will be able to hit you while you're chainsawing the Larva.


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