The Female Biomechanoid is a boss in Serious Sam: Double D.


The Female Biomechanoid is a large, pink Biomechanoid with two breasts (covered with metal plates with a large spike on each one), lipstick, and a pink purse with “MBG” on it. When she sees a target, she will say “Hello big boy!” and then start attacking. She has the highest amount of health out of all the Biomechanoids in the game.

She has two attacks; kiss and firing a rocket. When she fires a rocket, it will go straight down in one position. When it's reached a certain spot, it will fly straight ahead. Her other attack it is to launch a huge, kiss-shaped projectile that moves in a wave-shaped pattern.

Of note is that the Female Biomechanoid will fire more rockets the lower its health bar gets. When her's health bar is very low, she fires around 7 or so rockets per burst.

When she is killed, a crystal beacon will appear.


  • The Female Biomechanoid's rockets can be dodged by jumping over them when they start moving or when the rocket is noticed while in-flight.
  • The rocket can also be destroyed by shooting it. This is handy if a rocket catches the player off-guard and the don't jump over the rocket for some reason or during the later phases of the battle where the Female Biomechanoid fires off many rockets at once.
  • Her kiss projectile can be avoided by either jumping over it while it's low or running under it while it's high. It can also be destroyed by shooting it enough times.
  • Powerful weapons, such as the LM32 Rocket Launcher and MadDog Grenade Launcher, are needed against the Female Biomechanoid because of it's high health. One stack containing all of the strongest weapons collected is usually a good idea.
  • After a certain amount of health is taken from the Female Biomechanoid, enemies will start spawning in. The only real threat out of the ones spawned in the Major Biomechanoid because of how powerful it's missiles are and how similar they look to the Female Biomechanoid's. This could cause the player to jump too early, thinking that it's rockets are the Female's, while the Female launches a large volly of rockets while the player is still in the air.
  • The Female Biomechanoid should be finished off ASAP when it's health starts getting low. When it reaches a low amount of health, she will start firing rockets in bursts of seven or so, which can very easily kill even a player with a maximum amount of health. Finishing her off before she can fire too many large rocket bursts is a very good idea.



  • The MBG on her purse is a reference to Mommy's Best Games, Serious Sam: Double D's developer.

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